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Secretary of Fengze District Committee Huang Jingchun investigates Lanshen
On the morning of April 22, Huang Jingchun, Secretary of the Fengze District Party Committee of Quanzhou, led a team to Fujian Lanshen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. to investigate and understand the situation of epidemic prevention and control, resumption of production and fire safety, and coordinate to solve existing problems. And difficulties. District Committee Standing Committee Huang Qijin, District Committee Office, District Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, District Industrial Informatization and Science and Technology Bureau, Fire Rescue Brigade and other relevant departments and software park management committee heads participated in the survey.
Lanshen carried out legal knowledge training on project management
On March 30, in order to strengthen the management of engineering projects, promote the application of legal knowledge, improve the general contracting management level of engineering projects, and reduce the impact of the epidemic situation on the efficiency of resumption of production and recovery, Lanshen, a subsidiary of Quanzhou Water Group, invited Fujian Yimao Lawyer Lawyer Chen Changjun of the firm conducted training on the newly promulgated Measures for General Contract Management of Housing Construction and Municipal Infrastructure Projects (implemented from March 1) and the Regulations on Guaranteeing the Payment of Wages for Migrant Workers (implemented from May 1). Conduct professional counseling.
Lanshen won the bid for the China Railway 22nd Bureau Group project
Recently, Lanshen actively deployed branches and subsidiaries in various regions to carry out the resumption of work in an orderly manner. While fully cooperating with local governments in the prevention and control of epidemic situations, they harvested the first "big gift package" after the Spring Festival-winning the bid of China Railway The 22nd Bureau Group Qianpu Sewage Treatment Plant Phase III project (expansion) construction project electromechanical equipment installation project, the winning amount of more than 50 million yuan, in order to ensure that the completion of various tasks in 2020 is a good start.
Lanshen: War epidemic situation We are in action
At present, national epidemic prevention and control is at a critical stage. Under the active deployment of Quanzhou Water Group, Lanshen organized the action of all employees, keeping in mind the mission and fulfilling the responsibility of the enterprise, taking active and effective prevention and control measures, while ensuring the personal prevention and control of employees, and ensuring the safety and stability of daily sewage treatment. Help to win the tough battle of epidemic prevention and control.
Letter to customers
Dear customers, partners, friends from all walks of life: Hello! On this special New Year's day, we first of all express our holiday greetings and sincere thanks to you for your long-term trust and support!
Determined to move forward and live up to Shaohua-Lanshen 2020 Annual Work Conference
On January 18, Lanshen held its 2020 work conference and 2019 annual summary and commendation conference. The meeting reviewed and summarized the highlights and experiences of the work in 2019, deployed various tasks in 2020, and defined the work goals and measures.
Lanshen Party Branch carried out activities of condolences to volunteers before the Spring Festival
On January 17, the party branch of Fujian Lanshen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the party day activity of the theme of condolences to the people in difficulty before the Spring Festival jointly organized by the four party branches of the Party General Branch of Haisi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., and organized party members and volunteers. The people went to the provincial poverty-stricken village—Gezhong Village, Tangtou Township, Dehua County to condole families in need, and signed a pair-building agreement with the party branch of Gezhong Village, Tangtou Township to carry out co-construction activities. 
Good news! Lanshen Environmental Protection won two honors in the first year
On January 12, the launch ceremony of the first Green Productivity Forum and Eco-Environment Channel was held in Beijing. At the forum, Fujian Lanshen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. won two honors: "Green Productivity Quanzhou Innovation Base" and "Green Productivity Leader", injecting a strong impetus for the company to implement high-quality development in 2020 and promote the construction of ecological civilization.
Wang Long, deputy secretary of Longyan Municipal Committee, investigates the construction of Liancheng Sewage Treatment
On the afternoon of January 3, Wang Long, deputy secretary of the Longyan Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, and other city party investigation teams rushed to Liancheng to investigate and supervise the work of the "river system" in the Minjiang River Basin. Zhang Longquan, deputy secretary-general of the municipal government, and leaders of the Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, Ecological Environment Bureau, and He Chang Office participated in the investigation.
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