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Sharpen Youth and Live up to Shaohua ——The First Membership Congress of the Communist Youth League Quanzhou Water Group Co., Ltd. Committee
"Spring shines through tempering, and life is sublimated by struggle." On the occasion of the May 4th Youth Day, General Secretary Xi Jinping sent his affectionate messages to the young people across the country. In order to deeply implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi's speech and further unite and condense the youth force of the Water Group, on the morning of May 4, the first congress of the Communist Youth League Quanzhou Water Group Co., Ltd. was convened.
Improve the organization, implement the rectification and special supervision-Quanzhou Water Group takes multiple measures to improve safety production
Safety is no small matter and responsibility is greater than the sky. Quanzhou Water Group has continuously strengthened the special action of "100-day attack" in the investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards, and earnestly implemented the working principle of "safety first, prevention first", taking multiple measures to effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.
Quanzhou Water Group convenes a start-up meeting on network security and informatization strategic planning
Recently, Quanzhou Water Group held a kick-off meeting on strategic planning for network security and informatization. Su Xianghua, member of the Party Committee of the Group and deputy general manager, heads of various departments of the Group, leaders in charge of network security and informatization of all affiliated enterprises, and related technical personnel attended the meeting.
Realize detailed and supervise the work, implement the safety responsibility for landing ——Group Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office urges the city water company to implement safety
Recently, the Group Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office has implemented the work arrangements of the Party Committee and Group Discipline Committee of the Group, focused on the main responsibilities and the main business, effectively relied on the previous supervision, actively sank the enterprise, deeply understood the business development of the owned company, promoted further improvement of the work style, and strengthened the responsibility for the implementation of the work. Actively promote the benign development of the enterprise's political ecology, and ensure that the work of the group's party committees is implemented in an accurate manner.
Persevere to strengthen supervision and inspection
In order to coordinate the prevention and control of epidemic situation and work safety, and create a good and safe social environment, the party secretary and chairman Jin Shun of Quanzhou Water Group held three consecutive safe productions on March 16, March 23 and March 30. The special work meeting was attended by Zhang Jiabin and Su Xianghua, members of the party committee and deputy general manager of the group, and Li Xiumei, member of the party committee and secretary of the disciplinary committee. The meeting communicated and learned the relevant documents of the Municipal Security Committee, the spirit of the relevant meetings of the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government on production safety, and related deployment requirements, and arranged the Group's recent work on safety production.
"Water" support for resumption of production and resumption of production
On March 16, Liu Haixiang, deputy director of Quanzhou Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and Li Yun, chief of the Development and Reform Division visited the city's water affairs group to carry out the inspection of the resumption of production and production of the enterprise. The party committee member and deputy general manager of the water affairs group Zhang Jiabin accompanied them and conducted a field inspection The Jinji Waterworks supporting pipe network project undertaken by Quanzhou Water Group's affiliated enterprises, the sewage treatment project of Qingyuan Mountain Scenic Area, and the water supply reconstruction project of one household and one meter in Xinbu Community.
The flood control finale in the battle of epidemic warfare
In March of Yangchun, the new coronary pneumonia epidemic still hindered people's pace of going out, but they could not stop Quanzhou Water Workers from guarding the safety of the flood season. Now the horror is over, Gu Yu is approaching, Quanzhou is facing the test of the flood season, effectively preventing and containing all kinds of safety accidents, and ensuring safe and high-quality water supply during the flood season. Quanzhou water managers entered the "preparatory battle" for the flood early.
Quanzhou Water Group carried out special inspections on hidden dangers of real estate structure
On March 9, the party secretary and chairman of the Quanzhou Water Group Huang Jinshun and the members of the party committee Zhang Jiabin, Su Xianghua and Li Xiumei led the team to Xingyuan Technology Company, Water Engineering Group, Lanshen Environmental Protection Quangang Branch and other affiliated enterprises and East Lake respectively Jiequanshui Building and other construction sites carried out special inspections on hidden dangers of production safety, implemented safety production measures in key parts, and ensured the orderly resumption of production and production.
Joint warfare "diseases" water discipline inspection in action
In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic situation, for the past few days, the Water Discipline Inspection Commission under the leadership of the higher-level Discipline Inspection Commission and the Party Committee of the Group has done practical and detailed daily supervision
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