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How to solve the problem that the main indicators in the sewage treatment system are too high
After the organic matter enters the water body, it will be oxidized and decomposed under the action of microorganisms, so that the dissolved oxygen in the water gradually decreases. When the oxidation is too fast, and the water body can not absorb enough oxygen from the atmosphere to supplement the consumed oxygen in time, the dissolved oxygen in the water may drop very low (such as less than 3~4mg/L), which will affect the aquatic organisms Need for normal growth. When the dissolved oxygen in the water is exhausted, the organic matter begins to be digested anaerobicly and odor occurs, which affects the environmental hygiene.
Fuzhou City Wastewater Treatment Quality and Efficiency Improvement Work Summary
There are currently five urban sewage treatment plants in Sicheng District of our city, namely Yangli Sewage Plant, Xiangban Sewage Plant, Fucun Sewage Plant, Jinshan Sewage Plant and Lianban Sewage Plant. As of the end of 2019, the total sewage treatment capacity reached 990,000 tons/day, the sewage treatment rate reached 93.2%, and the sewage reuse rate reached 28.6%. The existing municipal drainage pipeline network is 2,924 kilometers, including 19 rainwater pumping stations and 19 sewage pumping stations under the maintenance.
Say goodbye to large-scale growth
Sewage treatment has always been an environmental issue of great concern to the government and society. In recent years, driven by national industrial policies and market demand, the sewage treatment industry has advanced by leaps and bounds. The overall development is in a rapid growth period. The sewage treatment capacity has expanded rapidly, the sewage treatment rate has steadily increased, and the sewage treatment volume has increased rapidly. However, it also faces sewage treatment plants. Problems such as upgrading of standards, old pipe networks, and substandard water quality.
What is the development trend of the sewage treatment industry in 2020
Sewage treatment is the process of purifying sewage to meet the water quality requirements for discharge into a certain water body or reuse. Sewage treatment is widely used in various fields such as construction, agriculture, transportation, energy, petrochemical, environmental protection, urban landscape, medical treatment, catering, etc.
From January to March 2020, my country's water industry investment market bottomed out, and the number of municipal sewage projects accounted for more than 30%
Judging from the winning bids for the types of water market projects in 2020, municipal sewage projects have the largest number, accounting for 34% of the entire water market; water environmental projects account for the largest proportion, accounting for nearly half of the entire water market. According to data, from January to March 2020, my country's social capital won a total of nearly 100 water investment and operation PPP projects, with an investment of nearly 70 billion yuan. Among them, there are about 34 municipal sewage treatment projects, 22 water environment projects, 17 village and town sewage projects, and 12 water conservancy projects.
Fujian Province "Discharge Standard of Water Pollutants for Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Facilities" (DB35/1869-2019)
A few days ago, Fujian Province formulated and issued the "Rural Pollutant Discharge Standards for Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Facilities" (DB35/1869-2019) (hereinafter referred to as the "Standards"), which applies to rural domestic sewage treatment facilities with a processing capacity of less than 500 tons per day. It will be implemented on December 1, 2014, and it will fill the gap in the standard system for rural domestic sewage treatment.
Fujian Province Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Plan (2020-2030) (Draft for Comment)
With the acceleration of the construction of a new socialist countryside and the continuous improvement of farmers' living standards, farmhouses and houses have gradually developed towards market towns. Domestic sewage in some rural population gathering areas is directly discharged without any treatment, which not only destroys its own environment but also affects watersheds, groundwater and drinking water. Water quality environment such as water source. The treatment of rural domestic sewage is an important part of the improvement of the rural human settlement environment, an important measure to implement the strategy of rural revitalization, and an inherent requirement for the comprehensive construction of a well-off society.
Successful experience of decentralized sewage treatment in rural America
With the advancement of the construction of beautiful villages, my country is systematically strengthening the treatment of rural domestic sewage. However, there are many problems in the treatment of exposed areas of rural domestic sewage. Many experts have begun to learn from foreign experience to explore suitable rural sewage treatment methods in the country. The United States pays attention to rural sewage treatment earlier, leading the world in various types of treatment technologies, and provides many methods worth learning from domestically.
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