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Fuquan Expressway's 2018 service area sewage treatment transformation (EPC) project general contracting project

Project Overview: The project includes Chigang Service Area A, Chigang Service Area B, Dongjin Service Area A, Dongjin Service Area B, Yiban Service Area A, Yiban Service Area B, Luoyang River Service Area A, Luoyang River The design, civil engineering, process equipment, electrical control equipment and auxiliary piping materials of 8 service areas, including service area B, and the supply and installation of five-year operation and maintenance. The total amount of sewage treatment reaches 880t/d, and the effluent quality meets the Class A standard of the "Emission Standard for Pollutants in Urban Sewage Treatment Plants", and meets the urban greening standard of "Urban Wastewater Reuse and Municipal Miscellaneous Water Quality"
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