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Lanshen adheres to the research and development concept of "mainly pollution prevention, taking into account energy conservation and beauty", starting from the needs of customers, continuously increasing the investment in the research and development center, and developing forward-looking new processes to effectively solve the actual problems of customers. At present, according to different application requirements, "Lanshen tank" is used to configure the corresponding process modules, including "A2O+MBR, A3O+MBBR, and Lanshen ecological tank" three leading process modules, which can flexibly realize the customization of various types of sewage, and targeted treatment.

Ecological trough process


Grilled well→regulating tank→anaerobic tank→anoxia tank→ecological tank→sedimentation Pool → Disinfection Pool → Discharge Port


Technical principle:

By taking a series of water ecological technical measures, including the development of water biological diversity (aquatic plants, Animals and microorganisms) and continuity, etc., repair the damaged water ecosystem and turn it into a virtuous cycle, strengthen the water body's ability to absorb pollutants, maintain the long-term clarity and stability of the water body, so as to achieve local water and land ecological harmony, and create a beautified water ecology. landscape.

Picture: (process flow chart)

Technical Features:
(1) The system has a long ecological chain, strong stability, and convenient operation and management;
(2) Dissolved oxygen gradient cycle can be realized with low energy consumption;
(3) High processing efficiency and low operating cost;
(4) The water effluent effect is good, and it is landscaped.


It is suitable for abundant land, high requirements for landscape effects, good climatic conditions, and high influent concentration. low conditions.

A²O+MBR process
Grid well→Regulation tank→Anaerobic tank→Anoxic tank→Biological contact oxidation tank→Coagulation sedimentation tank→MBR membrane tank→Disinfection tank→Standard discharge outlet
Technical principle:
A2O+MBR process is a new type of high-efficiency sewage treatment process that combines high-efficiency membrane separation technology with traditional activated sludge process. The MBR membrane module with unique structure is placed in aeration In the pool, the sewage after aerobic biological treatment is filtered through the MBR membrane and then effluent. The effluent after membrane treatment has high quality standards and high biological safety, and can be used as a high-quality recycled water source.
Picture: (Process Flow Diagram)
Technical Features:
(1) Stable operation, convenient maintenance and management, and easy automatic control;
(2) Low operating cost, integration and small footprint;
(3) Strong anti-shock load capacity and good effluent quality;
(4) Low sludge yield and excess sludge yield;
(5) The complete set of equipment is easy to install and the construction period is short;
(6) The equipment is integrated in a complete set, with landscaping, and can be monitored by mobile phones.

It is suitable for sewage treatment in various fields, especially in residential areas, schools, scenic spots, high-speed service areas, townships and rural decentralized projects, as well as areas with limited available land and strict requirements on effluent quality.
A³O+MBBR process


Grid well→regulating tank→pre-denitrification section→anaerobic tank→anoxia tank→ MBBR contact oxidation tank → sedimentation tank → disinfection tank → discharge outlet

Technical principle:

A³O+MBBR filter material process is a new and efficient sewage treatment method, which combines traditional The advantages of both the fluidized bed and the biological contact oxidation method rely on the aeration in the aeration tank and the lifting effect of the water flow to make the carrier in a fluidized state, thereby forming a suspended activated sludge and an attached biofilm, and microorganisms in the biological The membranes multiply and grow while degrading the organic pollutants in the sewage, thereby purifying the sewage.
Figure: (process flow chart)

Technical Features:
(1) Stable operation and convenient maintenance and management;
(2) High degree of automation, fully automatic operation can be realized;
(3) High volume load, small footprint, low construction and operating costs;
(4) The complete set of equipment is easy to install and the construction period is short;
(5) The equipment is integrated in a complete set, with landscaping, and can be monitored by mobile phones.
Scope of application: It is suitable for new sewage treatment plants, process transformation and upgrading of existing sewage treatment plants, and areas with high requirements for ammonia nitrogen in effluent. At present, it has been used in cooperation projects with companies such as Sound, Bishuiyuan, and Strait Environmental Protection.

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