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Technology is Lanshen's primary productive force. Lanshen attaches great importance to technological innovation and product research and development to promote research and integration of production and research. On September 7, 2018, Lanshen established the first state-owned enterprise academician workstation in Quanzhou in cooperation with Professor Congjie Gao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a renowned expert in the field of membrane separation technology. In June 2019, Academician workstation was approved as a provincial academician workstation. By taking advantage of the scientific research advantages of academician workstations and increasing the intensity of scientific and technological R&D and achievement transformation, Lanshen has injected vitality into the performance improvement of its core equipment.
Academician Congjie Gao has been engaged in the research and development of liquid separation membrane engineering technology for a long time, he is a famous expert in the field of membrane separation technology and one of the pioneers in the field of reverse osmosis membrane engineering technology; He has successively presided over and completed more than 10 national and provincial key scientific and technological projects, and won the first prize of national science and technology progress and more than 10 provincial and ministerial science and technology achievement awards.
Relying on the superior platform of Academician Workstation, Lanshen worked together with Academician Congjie Gao and his team of experts have carried out various forms of research in overcoming the core key technologies of the industry, introducing industrialization of scientific research achievements, scientific and technological consulting, collaborative innovation, and personnel training. The exchange and cooperation provided a strong technical guarantee for the company to continuously improve the existing process technology, enrich the product front, and expand the business coverage. The results of the cooperation were highly affirmed by the Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee, the municipal government, and the competent authorities of various industries. It has become the core resource and important support for the company to position the development strategy of "government consultant".

Introduction of Academician Workstation Technical Team

  • Xueli Gao
    Professor-level senior engineer/doctoral supervisor/professor at Ocean University of China
    He has long been committed to the research and development of membrane preparation and separation process theories and processes, focusing on principle innovation, technological development and integration with industrial wastewater treatment and seawater desalination applications. He is currently a member of the Expert Technical Committee of China Membrane Industry Association. He has presided over or participated in more than 10 national and provincial science and technology projects in the past 5 years. He has published more than 60 academic papers as the first/corresponding author, including 38 SCI papers; 15 authorized patents Projects, including 10 invention patents; 5 provincial and ministerial level and industry association awards.
  • Yong Zhou
    Director/Professor-level Senior Engineer, Pressure Drive Membrane Research Laboratory, Zhejiang University of Technology
    Mainly engaged in the development of separation function membrane materials, membrane and membrane preparation technology research, composite membrane industrialization and other work. Participated in the completion of the national key fund project "Organic System Membrane Separation and Membrane Forming Technology", the national "Tenth Five-Year" 863 Science and Technology Program Project "High-performance Reverse Osmosis Composite Membrane Key Function Materials Research", the national "Eleventh Five-Year" 863 Science and Technology Program "Efficient antibacterial membrane materials and application technology development" and many other key scientific research projects; published more than 40 academic papers, applied for 36 invention patents, and authorized 16 items.
  • Xizhang Chu
    Tiantan Institute Engineering Leader/Professor-level Senior Engineer
    As the project leader, he has completed 10 national and provincial scientific research and business support projects, more than 20 horizontal scientific research and development projects, and participated in the completion of nearly 10 national and local scientific research projects; won the first prize of scientific and technological progress award, marine science and technology award The second prize, the first prize of marine science and technology innovation achievements of the State Oceanic Administration; obtained more than ten authorized invention patents, published 10 papers, and participated in the preparation of three seawater desalination monographs related to "seawater desalination engineering design".
  • Zhaokui Li
    Senior Engineer of Tiantan Institute
    Mainly engaged in composite membrane preparation and process optimization, published more than 10 papers in SCI as the first or second authors, has rich experience in composite reverse osmosis membranes, composite nanofiltration membranes and high-performance ultrafiltration membranes, as the backbone of the project Participated in more than 10 national and provincial and ministerial projects including 973, 863, marine public welfare special projects, National Natural Science Foundation, manned spaceflight engineering special projects, and national key research and development plans.
  • Xiaojuan Wang
    Teacher/Engineer, Ocean University of China
    Mainly engaged in separation membrane preparation and membrane technology application research, with rich experience in ultrafiltration membrane bacteriostatic modification, composite nanofiltration membrane preparation and application, composite reverse osmosis membrane preparation; published more than 10 papers and applied for national invention patents 6; Participated in 6 national and provincial-level projects such as the National Key R&D Program, the National 863 Program, the National Natural Science Foundation, and the Public Welfare Industry Research Project.
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