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Quanzhou Lanshen Environmental Protection Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Research Institute) was established on December 16, 2019. It is a collaborative innovation in the environmental protection industry that integrates technology research and development, technology introduction, achievement transformation, special research, consulting services, and talent training. platform.
The research institute follows the development concept of "technical innovation, process innovation, and material renewal", and is committed to rural sewage treatment, municipal sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, ecological restoration, black and odorous water treatment, sludge reduction and recycling, and contaminated soil treatment. It provides technical support for environmental protection engineering construction and project operation.
At present, the research institute actively promotes in-depth cooperation with scientific research institutes such as Ocean University of China and Zhejiang University of Technology, and has established a team of experts composed of multi-disciplinary talents. efficiency, and boost the ecological environmental protection construction and regional economic development of villages and towns.
1. Platform construction
(1) The company will be included in the sixth batch of technology-based SMEs in Fujian Province in 2021, and will be included in the second batch of technology-based SMEs in Fujian Province in 2022;
(2) In November 2021, it obtained the Fujian Provincial Environmental Pollution Control Temporary Design Qualification Certificate and the Fujian Provincial Environmental Pollution Control Temporary Equipment Installation and Construction Qualification Certificate;
(3) Obtain two patent authorizations in 2021.
  • Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises in Fujian Province
  • Fujian Province Environmental Pollution Control Temporary Equipment Installation and Construction Qualification Certificate
  • Fujian Province Environmental Pollution Control Temporary Design Qualification Certificate
  • A kind of sewage treatment device based on graphene oxide modified hollow fiber membrane
  • A solar energy oxygen-enhancing composite ecological pond rural sewage treatment system
2. Research Institute Laboratory
         The laboratory is equipped with a process optimization laboratory, an environmental protection functional material laboratory, a water quality testing laboratory, a membrane material laboratory, a membrane module laboratory and a membrane equipment laboratory, as well as supporting facilities such as a pharmaceutical management room and waste gas treatment, with an area of about 1300 m2 , with water quality testing, process testing and other functions.
         The laboratory equipment is relatively complete, including freeze-drying, centrifugal separation and other material preparation related equipment; ATP microbial activity rapid detector, spectrophotometer and other water quality testing equipment; biological microscope, autoclave, ultra-clean workbench, etc. Biological experimental equipment; coagulation sedimentation, MBR reactor and other water treatment experimental equipment.

Table 1. List of test items that can be accepted by the laboratory

Test items Detection Indicator Detection method

Industrial sewage, domestic wastewater
Aquaculture wastewater, river water, etc.

pH pH meter glass electrode method
Chroma Dilution factor method
Turbidity Turbidimeter Spectrophotometry
Conductivity Conductivity meter method
total hardness Disodium EDTA titration
dissolved oxygen Dissolved oxygen meter
Suspended solids (SS) Suspended matter gravimetric method
Five-day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) Five-day training
Chemical Oxygen Demand (CODcr) Fast digestion spectrophotometry
total phosphorus Potassium Persulfate Digestion - Ammonium Molybdate
total nitrogen Alkaline Potassium Persulfate Digestion
UV spectrophotometry
Ammonia nitrogen Ammonia Nessler Reagent Colorimetry
Nitrate nitrogen Phenolic disulfonic acid spectrophotometry
Nitrite nitrogen N-(1-Naphthyl)-Ethylenediamine Spectrophotometry
Chloride Silver nitrate titration
Calcium and magnesium ions EDTA titration
Petro Infrared Spectrophotometry
Animal and vegetable oils Infrared Spectrophotometry
Volatile Muffle furnace combustion gravimetric method
Sludge concentration Gravimetric method
total coliform Enzyme substrate method
Fecal (heat-resistant) coliforms Enzyme substrate method
Escherichia coli (Escherichia coli) Enzyme substrate method
sludge activity Firefly luciferase method
ATP Microbial Activity Rapid Tester
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