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Project of Comprehensive Improvement of Rural Environment in Renshouxi Watershed of Shunchang County


Project Overview: This project is located in Yangdun Village, Yangdun Township, Shunchang County. The recent design scale is 300m3/d, the long-term increase is 600m3/d, and the long-term total scale is 900m3/d. The pretreatment process uses a basket grille and an adjustment tank, the biochemical treatment process uses "anaerobic filter + pneumatic ecological oxidation ditch", the anaerobic filter uses integrated equipment, the pneumatic ecological oxidation ditch uses a steel concrete structure pool, and sodium hypochlorite is used for disinfection Disinfection, the designed effluent meets the Class B discharge standard of "Emission Standard of Pollutants for Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants" (GB18918-2002)

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