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8 township sewage treatment plants and supporting pipe network projects in Liancheng County

Project Overview: The service scope of the project is eight townships in Liancheng County, namely: Jiele Township, Tangqian Township, Gechuan Township, Beituan Town, Sibao Town, Linfang Township, Luofang Township, and Laiyuan Township. The project construction includes the laying of sewage intercepting main pipes in various townships, totaling 55 kilometers; the sewage treatment stations of six townships and townships of Jiele Township, Tangqian Township, Beituan Town, Sibao Town, Luofang Township, and Laiyuan Township, and their For the construction of supporting ancillary projects, the main process uses "A2O+MBBR", the design effluent quality meets the Grade B standard, and the tail water is discharged into the nearest river.
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