Qingyuanshan Phase II Qingyuan Community Pipeline Network and 12-site Engineering Labor Service Subcontracting Invitation Announcement

Qingyuanshan Phase II Qingyuan Community Pipeline Network and 12-site Engineering Labor Service Subcontracting Invitation Announcement

(Summary description)Qingyuanshan Phase II Qingyuan Community Pipeline Network and 12-site Engineering Labor Service Subcontracting Invitation Announcement


Tender announcement

No.: Lanshen Division (Recruitment) Q01-2020-007


The bidder plans to bid for the labor subcontracting of the EPC general contracting project of the Qingyuanshan scenic area sewage treatment project-Qingyuanshan Phase II Qingyuan community pipe network and 12 sewage treatment site projects, and invite construction companies with relevant qualifications to participate in the bidding , The announcement of the bidding matters is as follows:

1. Bidding content

1. Scope and content of bidding: EPC general contracting project of Qingyuan Mountain scenic area sewage treatment project. The scope of this tender is Qingyuanshan Phase II Qingyuan Community Pipe Network and 12 sewage treatment station projects. The construction contents mainly include: pavement destruction and restoration, earthwork excavation, backfilling and abandonment, inspection well masonry, pipeline installation, civil construction of treatment site and other projects. For details, see the construction drawings provided by the tenderer.

2. Construction site: Fengze District, Quanzhou.

3. Engineering quality requirements: meet the GB50268-2008 qualification standard of "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Water Supply and Drainage Engineering".

4. Requirements for safe and civilized construction: Strictly implement the "Fujian Provincial Construction Safety Civilized Standards Demonstration Atlas", "Quanzhou Construction Engineering Safe and Civilized Construction Facilities Standard Legend" and relevant national, provincial and municipal regulations, standards and regulations.


2. Qualification requirements and review methods of bidders

1. The bidder shall have an enterprise legal person business license that has passed the annual inspection and is valid, and have independent legal person qualifications.

2. The bidder has the construction labor service qualification, or the legal and effective municipal public construction general contracting level 3 or earthwork engineering level 3 or above qualification and the Construction Enterprise Safety Production License issued by the construction administrative department.

3. The bidder shall submit the following attachment certification materials:

3.1. Proof of identity of legal representative

3.2 Power of attorney

3.3 Bid quotation

For details, please refer to the unit price of the budget list provided by the tenderer. The fixed unit price mode is adopted. , E value is 5-8, E value is reserved 1 decimal place. As the final settlement price, the next floating point number is provided by the bidder.

3.5. Qualification review materials

3.5.1 Business License of Legal Person and Enterprise Qualification Certificate (Copy)

3.5.2 Overview of bidding companies

3.6. Commitment

3.6.1 Confidentiality Commitment

3.6.2 Letter of Commitment to Integrity

3.6.3 Promises not to owe wages (remuneration) to labor personnel

3.7. Other information (including various awards, honors, quality system certifications, etc.)

Remarks: The above information needs to be stamped with the company's official seal and riding seam seal.

4. Qualification review adopts post-qualification review.


3. Methods for submission and evaluation of bid documents

1. Place for submitting bid documents: 9th floor, Building 1, R&D, Software Park, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province.

2. Deadline for submission of bidding documents: 8:30 am on April 27, 2020. Overdue or non-compliant bidding documents will be rejected.

3. Bid evaluation method: adopt the lowest bid evaluation method after evaluation, adopt the lowest bid evaluation method after evaluation, and specific methods for bid evaluation:

3.1. Calculate the minimum bid control value PK


Pp is the highest control price

(1-E%) is the lowest price control rate, and the value of E is 5-8.

3.2. Identify the winning bidder

Taking PK as the minimum bid quotation limit value, sort bid quotations greater than or equal to this value from low to high. The bid inviting party shall select the first bidder to win the bid. When two bidders have the same bid price and are ranked first, the bidder randomly selects one of them as the winning bidder.

Please refer to Annex 1 for the highest bidding control price, and Annex 2 for the drawing plan.


4. Performance bond

Performance bond: After the bidder wins the bid, before signing the contract with the tenderer, a performance bond calculated by 8% of the total contract amount shall be submitted to the tenderer by transfer. The performance bond shall be refunded without interest after the engineering acceptance.


V. Contact information:

Bidder: Fujian Lanshen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Place: 9th Floor, Building 1, R&D, Quanzhou Software Park, Fujian Province

Telephone: 15392211100


Contact person: Li Zhenzhong

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