Announcement of the bidding forecast for the leachate treatment operation management service procurement project of the harmless treatment plant of Shanghang County

Announcement of the bidding forecast for the leachate treatment operation management service procurement project of the harmless treatment plant of Shanghang County

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Announcement of the bidding forecast for the leachate treatment operation management service procurement project of the harmless treatment plant of Shanghang County
Ⅰ. Project Overview
Project name: Shanghang County Domestic Waste Harmless Treatment Plant Leachate Treatment Operation Management Service Procurement Project.
Tender content: The second phase of the two-stage DTRO system requires a water production volume of at least 160m3/d, and the effluent water quality is in compliance with the water pollutant discharge concentration limit requirements in Table 2 of the "Household Waste Landfill Pollution Control Standard" (GB16889-2008).
1.1 Scope
Under this tender, the bidder shall be responsible for providing membrane system design, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and trial operation, personnel training, etc. under the two-stage two-level DTRO system of the second phase, and finally deliver qualified facilities in a turnkey manner. The specific scope of work that the bidder shall undertake includes but not limited to:
1) Provide complete, stable and reliable processing technology and equipment according to the current situation of the project;
2) Complete the purchase, transportation, storage, delivery and installation of all equipment, materials (including tools, instruments and meters), random spare parts, and three-year spare parts;
3) Complete the single-machine debugging, joint debugging, opening, assessment, acceptance, trial operation, and delivery of system equipment (including the delivery of all software and technical documents, construction documents, acceptance documents and other work and materials necessary for the normal construction of the project), All supporting work such as personnel training and providing defect liability guarantee;
1.2 Boundary division
The two-stage two-stage DTRO system described in this tender refers to the main equipment in the membrane workshop. The bidder provides all the equipment and supporting pipelines, instruments, valves, electrical and automatic control equipment of the second-phase two-stage DTRO system from the raw water tank to the membrane product water and the concentrated water outlet (including the online cleaning device and the scale inhibitor dosing device) Design, supply, installation and commissioning, including all parts and fasteners of the main body and internal installation, electrical cabinets, control cabinets, all components in the cabinets, inverters, etc., and from electrical cabinets, control cabinets to electrical equipment Electrical instrument materials (including cables and bridges. The material of the bridges is required to be composite epoxy resin or above). The accessories necessary for installation and commissioning to perfect the system or device and the relevant technical information that should be provided are also included in the scope of supply.
1) The bidder is responsible for calculating the required flow rate, head and other parameters of the influent/concentrated water pump/product water pump based on the basic data and surveying the site location. The power and automatic control access points of the water pump are within the power distribution cabinet and PLC provided by the bidder .
2) Power supply system boundary: the tenderee provides the box-type transformer and the supporting electrical system for the civil engineering part of the membrane workshop (including lightning protection grounding, plant lighting, street light control box, maintenance box and its supporting cables); the main part of the two-stage DTRO system in the second phase The bidder is responsible for purchasing and connecting the cable to the equipment power distribution cabinet, and the main cable model and specification are designed and provided by the bidder.
3) Automation system boundary: All automation control systems of the second-stage two-level DTRO system are included in the scope of the bidding, and the bidders provide system equipment, procedures and debugging services according to the requirements of the bid and construction drawings.
4) The basic size of the two-stage DTRO system equipment of the second phase: 7.00×3.00m, 13.00×3.00m, the manufacturer is responsible for the civil construction pre-buried, load raising, and our side is responsible for the civil construction.
1.3 Technical conditions of leachate treatment system
1.3.1 Raw water quality















1.3.2 Designed water quality
According to the requirements of the design documents, the effluent quality meets the "Pollution Control Standards for Domestic Waste Landfill Sites"
(GB16889-2008) the emission standards specified in Table 2.

Serial number Control pollutants

Emission concentration limit


Chroma (dilution times)



Chemical oxygen demand (CODCr) (mg/L)



Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) (mg/L)



Suspended matter (mg/L)



Total nitrogen (mg/L)



Ammonia nitrogen (mg/L)



Total phosphorus (mg/L)



Fecal coliform group number (pcs/L)



Total mercury (mg/L)



Total cadmium (mg/L)



Total chromium (mg/L)



Hexavalent chromium (mg/L)



Total arsenic (mg/L)



Total lead (mg/L)


Note: Other emission indicators specified in Table 2 in the "Pollution Control Standards for Domestic Waste Landfill Sites" (GB16889-2008) can also meet the requirements.
1.4 Construction period and quality assurance
The total project construction and commissioning period shall not exceed one month. When the construction and commissioning period exceeds the one-month period, due to equipment reasons, the effluent has not yet reached the standard, or after the standard has been officially operated for 2 consecutive months, the daily processing capacity of the membrane equipment is less than 80% of the designed processing capacity, or the effluent quality is 3 times a month If the standard is not met, the bidder will dismantle the processing facilities and move away from the site free of charge.
The bidder shall provide a 36-month quality guarantee period for all the facilities and equipment handed over for this project. The quality guarantee period of the membrane elements shall not be less than three years. The quality guarantee period shall be calculated from the date when both parties complete the handover of the project.
Ⅱ. Forecast name conditions
1. The bidder shall have independent legal personality.
2. Bidders should have relevant project performance. Consortium bidding is not allowed for this project.
Ⅲ. Forecast materials
1. A copy of the business license of the bidder, a copy of the qualification certificate, a performance table, and a copy of the legal representative's ID card with the official seal.
Ⅳ. Forecast name method
The announcement of the forecast name is published on our official website ( and on the announcement board on the 9th floor. Bidders can register by mailing materials, and the registration time is subject to the tenderer’s receipt of the tenderer’s materials.
Ⅴ. Forecast name time
From July 1st, 2020 to July 20th, 2020 (excluding statutory holidays). Late registration is invalid.
Ⅵ, contact information
Tenderee: Fujian Lanshen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
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